Drone Survey & Mapping in Kenya

Going a step beyond drone mapping by providing online software for visualisation and analysis. The platform can be used for various sectors including infrastructure inspection, agriculture and survey/GIS.

Our surveying and mapping solutions leverage the power of drones and AI-driven image processing algorithms to provide high-resolution aerial imagery, topographic data, and 3D modeling. By integrating AI and ML, our drones can autonomously analyze vast amounts of data, extracting valuable insights and generating accurate surveying and mapping results with exceptional precision.

From precise land surveys to mapping of large areas, our drone technology, combined with AI and ML, delivers unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and actionable insights. Leverage the potential of AI and ML in drone-based surveying and mapping to make data-driven decisions and achieve exceptional results.


Tailor made for all industries

We can host aerial drone maps of all types from RGB orthomosaic, survey-grade maps, thermal maps, Agricultural crop health maps etc. We have experience hosting data from various industries including agriculture, environmental, urban planning, construction and civil engineering.

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Drone Mapping and Survey Products

  • Drone Raw images
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM);
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM);
  • 3D Point Clouds (las,pts,xyz)
  • Crop Health Analysis Indices eg NDVI.
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2D Orthomosaic Drone Maps

A 2D orthomosaic is a top-down high resolution georerenced map of a survey site, asset, farm, construction etc built by stitching hundreds to thousands of aerial drone photos together. Drones and their high-resolution cameras can help to build detailed, centimetre-accurate georeferenced maps. These maps and pictures provide a real-world view, helping rapid decision-making and analysis.