In everything we do,our priority is to align with Sustainable development goals.Our logistics approach is to save human life by delivering critical medical suplies


Aided by a dedicate, professional and creative team, we have always made strides towards our vison


One value that keeps the fire burning,our first drone was entirely designed and assembled by our innovative team


Swift Lab is a truly Kenyan cargo drone company. The company is building and operating medium range, medium payload unmanned aircraft. The company is delivering critical and emergency supplies to people living in hard-to-reach areas with the mission to improve access to health care and save lives

The company was founded in 2013 by award winning aeronautical engineers and experienced business leaders with great experience working for humanitarian organizations. The founding coincided with the Flying Donkey challenge that was slated to take place in Kenya in the same year. However, manufacturing of the drones started in 2020 after Kenya published the drone regulations.
We are excited to announce that we shall be launching our first drone on march 12th 2021

It was a drone delivery competition and Swift Lab was to take part in the event.
Swift Lab is focused to delivering values in the following areas:
1. Manufacturing: Design & Manufacture fit for purpose drone.
2. Delivering critical and emergency supplies: Delivery of medical supplies to hard-to-reach areas & delivery of spare parts at faster and efficiently.
3. Precision Farming: Optimizing inputs & Increasing yields
4. Infrastructure inspection: Bringing productivity & better results to what is deemed as dull & dangerous jobs.

“Our users are my family (my diabetic mother in remote village in Kenya), neighbors, cousins basically people we know. This is not just a business, this personal. We are solving problems we experienced first-hand growing up in Kenya before getting an opportunity to study abroad and coming back with the resolve to build drones for good in 2012. We will inspire other African countries to develop their own solutions.”
James Munyoki Kiua
CEO & Co-founder Swift Lab


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