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Drone-based crop monitoring, yield forecasting, and irrigation analysis to optimize land use and increase productivity.

Infrastructure Inspections

Drone-based inspection services for buildings, bridges, and power lines, improving safety and reducing accidents.

Health Surveillance

Mapping disease outbreak areas such as cholera with drone technology to help identify and prevent the spread of disease.

Disaster Response

Drone-based disaster response solutions to assess the impact of natural disasters, track relief supplies, and coordinate rescue.

swift lab  drone consultancy in Kenya

Helping businesses identify and integrate drones into their processes, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

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swift lab crop count drone kenya

Revolutionizing Crop Analysis in Africa with SwiftAI: A Proof of Concept on Kenya’s Largest Avocado Farm

Discover how SwiftAI’s advanced drone AI system revolutionized agriculture in Kenya, providing invaluable insights for higher yields and profits.

swift lab kakuzi ground truthing

CASE STUDY: Crop Health Mapping and Ground Truthing Data Overlay using drones

Discover how Swift Lab Limited’s innovative crop health mapping technology uncovered new areas of crop stress for a large-scale avocado client in Kenya, validated through ground truthing exercises. See how the generated maps identified both known and unknown areas of pest infestation.

swift lab crop agriculture drone kenya

Revolutionizing Agriculture: The Powerful Impact of Drone Spraying in Kenya

Discover the impact of drone spraying on farming. Swift Lab Limited’s drone spraying services in Kenya yielded incredible results in Nakuru. See how drones improved effectiveness, speed, and precision compared to traditional spraying methods.

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