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Precision Farming

Our drones provide the data which shows the precise requirements for irrigation, fertilizer and insecticide. We can apply insecticide to crops by drone, supporting a cross section of clients including large scale and small holder farmers involved in horticulture, maize, irish potato, wheat and many others

Locust Menance

  • Swift Lab Limited is on track to get approved by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and relevant authorities including the DOD to operate drones for the locust crisis in Kenya
  • The advantage of drones is that they are more precise than current aerial We also hypothesize they will be more cost effective and safer than ground-based spraying methods.
  • An additional advantage of drones is that they can be deployed at night and combined with aerial spraying to increase effectiveness. Locusts roost at night and this is when they are most vulnerable. This is also when current spraying regimes cannot operate due to safety Drone deployment for spraying requires minimal personnel, compared to ground sprayers, whose movement can be restricted in some instances, for example as seen with COVID-19 health concerns.
  • We will also be able to incorporate swarm technology and use a number of drones to work in This will maximize the area covered, effectiveness and cost benefits. Historically, the primary use case for drones in agriculture was in precision agriculture (mapping fields to target pesticides/fertilizers).
  • More recently, they have been piloted in direct application of
  • Highly
  • Reach inaccessible
  • Cost effective.
  • Post disaster impact
  • Ability to target smaller swarms – efficiently allocate manned aircraft to larger
  • Autonomous
  • Supplementary tool to current




Swift Drone:

Truly African. Designed and Manufactured in Kenya. A fit for purpose platform.

The Swift drone is a multirole platform and it applications include:

  1. Transport of critical medical supplies
  2. Transport of critical spare parts
  • Precision Farming: Mapping

Infrastructure inspection

Infrastructure Inspection

Our drones have the capabilities to support safe inspections of transmission and distribution lines, masts, pipelines, etc. With drones, we are able to

Implement remote control and automatic operation in both hard-to-reach places and dangerous areas. The services we offer include:

Day and night Inspections

  • Thermal mapping
  • Identification on pipeline
  • 3D modeling on all types of infrastructure
  • Real time video and location feedback during operations
  • Any other tasks as requested

Disaster Management

We provide situational awareness in dangerous areas that cannot be accessed by people and also create real-time images based on drone-shot imagery to gain situational awareness in disaster-stricken areas in a timely manner and support disaster relief activities

Survey and mapping

Our drones automatically process terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight UAV and generate georeferenced Orthomosaics, for use.

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